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Omg hahaha I forgot about this

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Useful reference for realistic killing wounds when fighting


This is actually a brilliant writing reference for those writers whose stories involve fighting with bladed weapons. It details killing blows, both through thrusting and through cutting. It basically operates on the premise of, “Hollywood is wrong, here’s how it really works.” A bit long to trudge through, but a lot of invaluable information for those of you who want to write fight scenes and wounds a bit more realistically than, “He stabbed his enemy in the heart, killing him with one smooth stroke!” It uses medical terminology to explain why some things work and why some things are truly fantasy-only.

A bit macabre, but a good way to pursue more realistic writing in a story that requires such details.

how 2 make a+ homestuck horns


get 2 balls of cheap string. get newspaper. get a hairband. get toilet paper. get pva. get some water. get paint.

ball up the newspaper and tie it to da hedband

wrap string around them at different tightness

u now have horns

paper mache dem using pva, water and toilet paper

paint dem

and u will get dis result

easy goodlookin light comfy and cheap as shit

u r welcome

Guys. I just realized why the Homestuck fandom is so powerful.






It’s because the webcomic called Homestuck doesn’t just appeal to the everyday person. It doesn’t attract the excited little kids like Spiderman does, or pull in the everyday middle-aged geek. 

But it does pull in a specific type of person.

This fandom is comprised of all of the creators, imaginators, and manipulators of the world. The artists, the writers, the musicians - all of them are amazed and inspired by the creativity behind Homestuck. Even if they aren’t artists or writers or creators, they are those people who dye their hair blue and discuss Armageddon theories for fun and who made the sun blue and colored the grass red when they were little. All of those people who think outside of the box and color outside of the lines and are proud of (or at least comfortable with) their strangeness. 

It’s why Tumblr is nearly crashed with fan responses and artwork and stories every time Hussie makes an especially good update (which is plenty a time). It’s why the last Homestuck album had 51 fansongs on it, with artwork to go with every one. This fandom so powerful in ways that so many other fandoms aren’t. 

Spiderman doesn’t inspire people to create their own music to go with the scenes. No one wanted to make an anime out of the Harry Potter series just for fun. Neither Sherlock Holmes nor Naruto nor any of the recent Marvel superhero movies have inspired this much creativity or created this much attachment in their fans. 

But the Homestuck fans aren’t all just randomness and weirdness like a lot of people believe them to be. They can actually be very intelligent. The theories of the time-travel paths and alternate universes behind Homestuck that the fandom has among themselves can be quite explicit and complicated. Discussions over the certain behaviors of this character and the quirks of that one can delve into certain specifics that many regular comic fans would not even bother with. 

People create alternate versions of Homestuck characters while trying to keep them as realistic as possible. Crazy, random discussions taken up for fun can evolve into highly-debated ideals within the fandom. This fandom is home to so many creative and talented people that it is borderline ridiculous, but we would have it no other way. 

So thank you to all of the powerful, weird, creative, random, talented, and inspirational people who contribute to the Homestuck fandom. We love having you around, nearly crashing servers and defending the over-zealous ones. We would have it no other way. 

I tried making this point to a group of my friends on facebook.

Homestuck isn’t just full of crazies. It appeals to theologists, creative thinkers, people who have motivation, it plays on both the left and right brain, its completely and utterly amazing in every which way. And every time you think you’ve got Hussie predicted you’re wrong, thus creating a challenge to those who want to use their deductive skills. 

I dunno.

That’s just me. I’ve been a part of lots of fandoms, but I’ve never seen a fandom like this <3

boosting because accuracy.

i saw it mentioned a while back that part of the appeal of HS is also the fact that it is written “for, by and about the generation raised by the internet”. 

Homestuck is one of the few publications I can think of that really accurately represents our awkward little sliver of society. These characters don’t even use their voices until what, act 5? they have grown up online and have relationships online and play games on line but they are not one dimensional characters, they are not curled up in a sweaty basement like the stereotype…. they’re people with interests and families and lives that the internet plays a significant role in. Homestuck doesn’t belittle the actual culture that has emerged as a result of this generation as a kind of suppliment or accessory of “real life” because it is real life. In this way, Homestuck really resounds with its audience because for once, we are the heroes.

(it’s midnight and i’m exhausted i hope i was lucid here)

i wish i could get my mother to read and understand this. she’s under the impression that the internet is unhealthy, and unsafe, and that i need to get away from it because “i’m too addicted.” i want to show her, show everyone, that internet friendships are real, and wonderful, and profoundly deep. thanks hussie, for helping me meet my best friends.


Kankri’s essay sermon lecture one-sided conversation with Karkat.

Kankri Vantas. Successfully problematizing a wide range of direly undercomplicated social dilemmas since pre-Scratch Beforus.


Are you still stuck for ideas for National Novel Writing Month? Or are you working on a novel at a more leisurely pace? Here are 102 resources on Character, Point of View, Dialogue, Plot, Conflict, Structure, Outlining, Setting, and World Building, plus some links to generate Ideas and Inspiration.


10 Days of Character Building

Name Generators

Name Playground

The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Priming the idea pump (A character checklist shamlessly lifted from acting)

How to Create a Character

Seven Common Character Types

Handling a Cast of Thousands – Part I: Getting to Know Your Characters

It’s Not What They Say …

Establishing the Right Point of View: How to Avoid “Stepping Out of Character”

How to Start Writing in the Third Person

Web Resources for Developing Characters

What are the Sixteen Master Archetypes?

Character: A compilation of guidance from classical and contemporary experts on creating great dramatic characters

Building Fictional Characters

Fiction Writer’s Character Chart

Character Building Workshop

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Fiction Writer’s Character Chart

Villains are People, Too, But …

Top 10 Tips for Writing Dialogue

Speaking of Dialogue

Dialogue Tips

Advantages, Disadvantages and Skills (character traits)

How to Write a Character Bible

Character Development Exercises

All Your Characters Sounds the Same — And They’re Not a Hivemind!

Medieval Names Archive

Sympathy Without Saintliness

Writing the Other: Bridging Cultural Difference for Successful Fiction

Family Echo (family tree website)

Interviewing Characters: Follow the Energy

100 Character Development Questions for Writers

Behind the Name

Lineage Chart Layout Generator


How to Write a Novel: The Snowflake Method

Effectively Outlining Your Plot

Conflict and Character within Story Structure

Outlining Your Plot

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The Evil Overlord Devises a Plot: Excerpt from Stupid Plotting Tricks

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The Hero’s Journey: Summary of the Steps

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes

Plotting Without Fears

Novel Outlining 101

Writing the Perfect Scene

Fight Scenes 101

Basic Plots in Literature

One-Page Plotting

The Great Swampy Middle


Magical World Builder’s Guide

I Love the End of the World

World Building 101

The Art of Description: Eight Tips to Help You Bring Your Settings to Life

Creating the Perfect Setting – Part I

Creating a Believable World

An Impatient Writer’s Approach to Worldbuilding

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions


Character and Setting Interactions

Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds

Creating Fantasy Worlds

Questions About Worldbuilding

Maps Workshop — Developing the Fictional World Through Mapping

World Builder Projects


Quick Story Idea Generator

Solve Your Problems Simply by Saying Them Out Loud

Busting Your Writing Rut

Writing Inspiration, or Sex on a Bicycle

Creative Acceleration: 11 Tips to Engineer a Productive Flow

The Seven Major Beginner Mistakes

Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits

Free Association, Active Imagination, Twilight Imaging

Random Book Title Generator

Finishing Your Novel

Story Starters and Idea Generators


How to Rewrite

One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle

Editing Recipe

Cliche Finder

Revising Your Novel: Read What You’ve Written

Writing 101: So You Want to Write a Novel Part 3: Revising a Novel


My Writing Nook (online text editor; free)

Bubbl.us (online mind map application; free)

Freemind (mind map application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

XMind (mind map application; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

Liquid Story Binder (novel organization and writing software; free trial, $45.95; Windows, portable)

Scrivener (novel organization and writing software; free trial, $39.95; Mac)

SuperNotecard (novel organization and writing software; free trial, $29; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

yWriter (novel organization and writing software; free; Windows, Linux, portable)

JDarkRoom (minimalist text editor; free; Windows, Mac, Linux, portable)

AutoRealm (map creation software; free; Windows, Linux with Wine)

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor in any way, shape, or form. This is just info I’ve picked up on my journeys to adulthood and life from my wee-ladness and some others are just bits of information I’ve heard from other people that say they work so if they’re incorrect then please reblog saying otherwise! I can’t stop to read all the suggestions anymore to fix it up. AGAIN I’M NOT A DOCTOR, just someone trying to make you feel better!

I always tell my buddies all these remedies when they’re sick but might as well spread this ‘round the Tumbles. So here you go! Easy ways to make yourself less miserable when you’re sick! THANK YOU FOR REBLOGGIN N’ LIKIN! 


  • Peppermint and/or any mint-flavored things. These help relax the muscles that contract violently that’ll force you to vomit.
  • Ginger. The bubbly isn’t what helps but ginger itself. You can have gingerale or that cute little pink/green stuff you have with sushi.  
  • Distract yourself. It’ll only get worse if you think about it. Try playing a game or keeping yourself busy to get your mind off of it. Take a nap if you must and you’ll probably feel better when you wake up.
  • “I need fresh air.” You really do. Open a window, step outside, get away from any stuffy or hot rooms or anything that may be smelly. Getting out of the sick environment will make you feel better.


  • Hot fluids. Soup and tea specifically. It’ll clear up your congestion and help drain out the germs. Chicken noodle soup really is the miracle worker.
  • Honey. (Tea + Honey works, too) coats your throat and is a guaranteed soother. Tastes most delicious as well!
  • Zinc Losanges. I’ve met many people that swear by these. They may taste disgusting but apparently they’re worth it.
  • Steam will clear you up. Really. It will. Soak a wash cloth in totally hot water and apply to face. If it gets cold you can just throw it in the microwave for 10-30 seconds and it’ll be nice n’ steamy again. You can also hover over boiling water in a pot but face it, you don’t want to stand up and over something when you could be resting in bed.
  • Gargle Salt Water. Helps soothe your throat as well! Tastes terrible but will ease the burning yuckiness. Thank you kawaiitank for the input!


  • Get naked…not really. But you do want to keep yourself from heating up anymore as much as possible. Make sure you’re in a relatively cool environment but if you feel cold then bundle up in something light.
  • Drink up. Liquids again. Basically the guaranteed move to get yourself healthy. Flush out the fever with plenty of fluids (stick to water, too.)
  • Keep your head cool literally, put on a damp, cold wash cloth or an ice pack or hell even a steak. 
  • Cold Showers are always an option…teeeheee.
  • Cold foods work too. Go ahead and munch on some ice or a popsicle.


  • Bed Buddy! A hot or cool rag over the eyes/forehead will do you wonders. Lay down, blind yourself, and let it do its job. Maybe even take a nap!
  • GET OFF THE F*CKING COMPUTER or stop watching TV. If your headache is located right on your eye/above your eye that’s eye strain. Take a break and rest your eyes for a bit.
  • Take a Painkiller…please? Really, it helps. Don’t be stubborn. One won’t kill you.


  • ICE IS A NO-NO Ice damages skin and muscle tissue and will mess up your burn further, DO NOT DO THIS NOT EVEN BEHIND A PAPER TOWEL.
  • Run Burn under Cold Cool Water. I know, once you pull your burn away from the water it’ll sting like hell. You need to LEAVE IT UNDER the running water for a while. Thank you riningear for the revision!
  • Apply burn ointment. Every home should have some, DON’T PUT ALCOHOL ON THE WOUND IT’LL HURT REALLY BADLY. JK - enginera  who specializes in pharmacy things says: never put ointments on a burn, since the occlusive nature of them can cause infection because it prevents the skin from breathing.
  • Bandage it. It’ll keep it protected from any other type of irritation and hopefully heal on its own. 
  • Obviously if its really bad get to a doctor. If not treated right burns can get particularly nasty. The sooner you go the sooner you’ll get your appointment for a skin graph!


  • Get to the hospital for Christ’s sake. If there is absolutely no one that can drive you or if it’s a life-or-death situation you can call an ambulance, but know that once your body enters an ambulance you can owe your transporters up to 2000 dollars. Think of it as a really, really expensive taxi with life support equipment.
  • Bleeding to death? Apply a tourniquet if its to one of your limbs. All you do is grab something wrap-able and tie it as tight as possible ABOVE the wound. It’ll slow the bleeding and you probably should also keep the wound covered with clean cloth or something. Jk, You’re supposed to apply pressure over the wound to stop it from bleeding. Tourniquets are only good if you use them for a very short period. Don’t use cloth to plug it since it’ll soak up the blood like a moe’suckra. Only use tourniquets for a while if you’re okay with losing your limb :D Thank you DEVIL for the revision!
  • So say you lose a limb… There’s this awesome, terrible thing you can do. Burn the end of anything metal that’s slightly larger than your wound and then…apply! It’ll create a nice little stump and stifle the bleeding. It’ll hurt like hell but it couldn’t be any worse than it does now, right?


  • CPR First, take a class. But if you somehow don’t have time between now and then to do so just follow this… thing I found - “The current Australian Red Cross recommendation for CPR is 2 breaths & 30 compressions per cycle, with 3 cycles in less than a minute. (100 compressions per minute).” … To help time your compressions do it to the tune of “STAYIN’ ALIVE” but at DOUBLE Speed. So think of the chipmunks going “AH-AH-AH-AH-STAYIN’ALIVESTAYIN’ALIVE” And breathe after the fifteenth compression. Please don’t quote me on this though and take a class. I really can’t guarantee this will work since I’ve never used it before. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW… enginera also says: the current guidelines in the US state that you are to start with chest compressions, since treatment is often delayed due to bystanders’ unwillingness to do mouth-to-mouth breaths. Chest compressions have been shown to be more beneficial in sudden cardiac arrest.


  • Milk, Cheese, Ice cream, Etc. It creates more mucus and you’ll feel even more miserable. Also makes nausea worse. ICE CREAM IS OKAY FOR FEVERS.
  • Exercise. When people say you need to rest when you’re sick - they mean it. Your immune system will go inactive if you’re body has to endure exercise. COFFEE & EXERCISE IS OKAY FOR HEADACHES.
  • Nasal Sprays. For the love of god I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. I’ve lived with a family that were pretty much addicted to nasal sprays and they F*CK YOU UP. You’d do anything to relieve that congestion but once you put the chemicals in your nose it’ll eventually MAKE IT WORSE. You will NOT BE ABLE TO BREATHE if you use it again and will eventually destroy your sinuses! DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MONITOR YOURSELF WELL AND NOT USE THEM WISELY.
  • Alcohol, Soda, or Coffee. They drain you from the fluids you need to fight off the sickness and will most likely make you feel even more like shit. In soda’s case it’s really just syrup and carbonated water. It’ll make you more congested and the sugars in it will make you feel horrible..er.
  • Anything Stressful. Your homework can wait an hour or two until you’re feeling more up to it. Do NOT stress out, it’s probably the reason you’re sick in the first lace. Your immune system gets really flimsy around Christmas because not only is it cold but also time to get everyone gifts, finals, etc. You know how people get sick RIGHT BEFORE something really important happens? That’s why.









hahaha, the one where the introvert is in the corner hissing. that’s me to a fucking T.

like, this is really accurate and serious though, as funny as it is.

This is pretty accurate for me too!  It may not apply to all introverts.

this applies to me SO VERY WELL. part of the reason i always carry my headphones and a book around with me is so i can recharge and ignore things for a while.


So accurate.

so much THIS

*Gasp* I’M human-sized! 8D


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Open-Front Cage Skirt


You are the second person who has asked me that, so maybe I should make a tutorial.

The thing about this skirt is, it’s open in the front. Most hoop skirts retain their shape because they are made out of round hoops. Without closed, round hoops, making the skirt normally - that is, with reinforcement only in the horizontal rungs - will leave you with something heavy and unwieldy, or something that flares open and does not stay round, or both. I reinforced the vertical strips, especially in the front, to force everything into shape.

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This is something I have been focusing on for the past couple of months so I decided to make it presentable. I need stuff like this around me so I don’t lose my nerve. I have noticed a lot of people have this in their brains like, automatically but I however do NOT.  Maybe you are a little like me and will find it helpful.


The many faces of Charlotte La Bouff

wow guess who found some new reaction images

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